FALLUJAH, Iraq (AFP) - Five people were killed, including the son of a senior Sunni Arab militiaman, in two attacks on Saturday in a town outside Fallujah, west of Baghdad, a police officer said. A roadside bomb in Al-Karma, 15 kilometres east of Fallujah, killed three people and wounded six, police Colonel Hafiz Muklif said. Those killed were the son of Naeem Saleh al-Halbusi, the deputy chief of a Sunni militia opposed to Al-Qaeda, and two bodyguards, Muklif said. Halbusi was injured in the attack. A second roadside bomb in the town killed two people and wounded two, the police officer said. Saturdays attacks follow a bombing a day earlier at the Fallujah home of a police lieutenant colonel and ex-Sahwa leader in which his two sons were killed and six people wounded. Meanwhile, two employees of an American security company have been killed in a helicopter accident in Iraq, a spokeswoman for the US Embassy in Baghdad said on Saturday. Two contractors were killed and two sustained injuries in a helicopter accident at Camp Butler close to Baghdad on Friday, the spokeswoman said. She declined to give details on the four people involved or the cause of the crash.