LAHORE - Stage actresses performing in different stage halls of the City alleged that city police were misusing its authority by conducting raids and arresting them without solid reasons. As Qilla Gujjar Singh police arrested two performers including Hina Sheikh and Anjuman Shahzadi in this regard in two different raids at Alfalah and Naaz theatres. The sources said the police was regularly conducting raids against those performers who were allegedly promoting vulgarity in society. These performers included were Meegha, Deedar, Nida Chaudhry, Zara Akbar, Hina Shaheen, Ayesha Rani and Billo. The husband of Anjuman Shehzadi and the producer of stage drama Naeem Butt said that the police arrested her wife without any reason, as her name was not in the FIR list. He alleged that the police released her wife on the condition that she gave written statement not to pursue the case. Police raids at the theatre as if we are terrorists, he further said. The stage dancer Meegha said the method adopted by the police was totally immoral. As if the police were sincere in screening stage dramas then it should permanently ban such artists that were involved in vulgar performance. The police administration itself releases these artists after some days without any grounds, adding the police should play positive role in this sense. While the additional SHO of Qilla Gujjar Singh, Malik Shabhir said that he had no information about any raid. The sources said the police was raiding against stage dancers for presenting vulgar dance and issuing obscene CDs. The sources disclosed that Nida Chaudhry had got interim bail but others actresses had escaped from the scene as the police was raiding continuously on their houses. But various stage actresses had demanded the CM Punjab to intervene the case and provided them justice. They said if they were involved in vulgar performance then they should be banned instead of putting them behind the bars in such a rude manner.