UNITED NATIONS - A UN spokesperson has denied that the United Nations commission looking into the 2007 assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was set up only to placate the Pakistan government, saying it was meant to further the cause of justice. It was set up for the sake of justice. And I think it is going to achieve that, Spokesperson Michele Montas said while responding to questions at the regular briefing at UN Headquarters in New York. By identifying the facts and circumstances behind Benazir Bhuttos assassination, the three-member commission would serve the cause of justice. Montas did admit, however, that the mandate of the mission, headed by Chiles UN Ambassador Heraldo Munoz, was limited, but it can certainly give indications of what they have found. Although the govt had asked Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to form a commission, she said it was established in order to further the cause of justice. The commission cannot accuse people formally of crimes but it would provide useful information to the Pakistani authorities as it pursues the case, she added. The mandate of the commission is to look into the facts and circumstances of the assassination, and the responsibility for investigating the crime and prosecuting the perpetrators remains with the Pakistani authorities. The commission, which began its work on 1 July, will submit a report to the secretary general within six months. Ban will then share the findings with the government and submit it to the Security Council for information.