The President has issued an ordinance to bring the prices of petrol back to what they were before the SC judgement. Many may see this as an unpopular move but the government is in serious need of more money to keep the business of state running. Every tax imposed is an unpopular decision. However, unpopular decisions have to be made and implemented if one is short by Rs. 122 billions. The ordinance will surely be challenged in the court again but it remains to be seen whether it is nullified by the SC or not. If nullified, the government will have to cut down on defense expenditure, PSDP funds or reduce finances of any other section of the budget or impose massive new taxes. Many in the opposition are demanding the government should cut down on its expense and stop taxing the common people. However, the expenditure of the government, although considerable, has not enough meat with out cutting close to the bone to provide for such a large sum. -MUBASHIR KHAN, Islamabad, via e-mail, July 9.