Adyala Road is one of the most populous and rapidly developing areas of Rawalpindi. Although supply of gas and electricity is available here, we still do not have water on pipe - a basic urban necessity and fundamental right of communities. The people of this area make personal arrangements of water, mostly through underground boring. Because of the paucity of water or underground aridity, majority of the people of this area have great difficulty in getting water for even their normal daily usage. Alternatively, they have to buy water at a cost as high as Rs 500-600 per tanker, which is not affordable for majority of the low-income residents of this area. The sufferings of common people on this account can be addressed by the present democratic government with out much hassle. Unlike other people of the country whose demands, we are told, are impossible to meet, these people are merely asking for water. -MANSOOR, Rawalpindi, July 2.