ISLAMABAD - The tiring souls of twin cities residents relieved a good deal as the cold midnight breeze and first burst of monsoon rain early Saturday morning turned the weather more slumber-friendly. The poor souls were going exhausted of the relatively longer spell of scorching days and sleepless nights but rejoiced with the monsoon early showers, though it took more prays and cries than usual to arrive. The Met office has forecast the same for four more days but said a natural phenomenon at the Pacific would this year curtail our share of monsoon blessing by nearly one-third than usual. The early morning showers, however, turned it into a morning of mornings in the last two weeks and many a people who talked to this correspondent said they slumbered on for more hours to fill there biological sleep gauges. Spouse of a senior public servant said she had never experienced so much hot weather in the capital for the last 25 years. She was on programme to flee the capital by Saturday evening to breathe a sigh of relief in some colder place of NWFP but postponed it as the blessing had knocked at her door right over here. Whatever the environmentalists attribute the hotter weather this year to, but the commoners who are living for decades in the capital are blaming CDA for their scorched souls and skins. The abrupt chopping of thousands of trees and its inability to control the incidents of fire at Margalla Hills surely have altered the weather patterns in the capital, a senior citizen was all rage for CDA. The rain not only brought down the mercury level but also refreshed the green look of the capital, which used to be covered in layers of dust, a sorrow phenomenon out of the carelessly carried out development activities in the city. One can easily experience that the Margalla comes out to be greener when it rains than in days when the particulate matter suspended in once clearer atmosphere of the capital hamper our humble visions. Syed Danish Hussain from Rawalpindi adds: Pindites were in for a pleasant weather change when after a long hot and dry spell, the God decided to be kind to the city and it rained for a good hour in the Saturday morning followed by thunderstorm. The better news is that the Met Department has predicted that the same weather is likely to stay for next four days, while according to the officials of the department the city received a rainfall of around 16mm. In previous days citizens witnessed the maximum temperatures crossing the dreaded 40 degrees Celsius mark. The hot afternoon of Friday was followed by light cool winds at the night and then immediately by an extremely pleasant morning when the city witnessed pleasant rain bringing much needed respite to people. All in all, the weather paved way for a perfectly enjoyable end to the weekend. According to our weather forecast, there will a partially clouded sky with possibility of rain or thunder shower accompanied with squall on Sunday, said Met officer Zaigham Naqi. He also predicted that this year the country would witness 30pc less monsoon rains then the previous years due to sudden changes in weather across the globe. Pleasant weather brought smile to the faces of Pindites after a wave of sizzling heat. Recent rain thought it was too late and too little, however, it brought down the temperature considerably. This brought relief to people from the searing heat of last couple of weeks. People welcomed the change in weather and hoped it would continue for a while. This is such a lovely weather. I have come with my family to the Jinnah Park to enjoy ice-creams and popcorns, said Umair Hussain, a student NUML. Recent showers also lashed many parts of the country bringing the much needed relief to the people who were reeling under heat wave conditions for past several weeks. Electricity outage was not felt by the citizens as this lapse was recovered by the pleasant weather, families throng to the recreational points and enjoy the weather in its real sense. Meanwhile, Managing Director of Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Lt Col (Retd) Islam-ul-Haq said that WASA had prepared a comprehensive mitigation plan to cater the rainwater during monsoon. The WASA Flood Mitigation Control point has been established at WASA Headquarters building which would remain functional 24 hours and helpline numbers are 051-4308506, 051-2509655 and 0301-5668025 to record any untoward incident.