PRESIDENT Musharraf in an interview with a foreign TV channel, has claimed that there are terror sympathizers in Pakistani leadership and the Army. Not only that but he went to the extent of saying that these elements were for carrying out militant activities which is a serious charge, though baseless against the popularly elected leadership and the Army. One can safely dismiss his views because at this point in time, the country's leadership across the political divide stands united on the issue of terrorism. The major parties included in the political set-up the PPP, PML-N, ANP and others are all committed to drive out the militants. Same goes for the Army, which is busy flushing out the militants in Malakand division. Even the Obama administration and other US officials have given the armed forces a thunderous applause for its resolve to defeat the terrorists. Musharraf would be doing a disservice to the country if he badmouths the present dispensation like that. Statements of the sort indicate his passion to carve a niche in the present political landscape but these utterances also reflect his perplexity. For instance, not long ago he ruled out the possibility of anyone inside the armed forces having sympathies for the terrorists. Now he seems to be negating himself. President Musharraf needs to do some soul-searching about the performance of his own government rather than pointing a finger at the current dispensation. The country is at a critical juncture, dealing with the repercussions of the incalculable harm he had done to democracy.