LAHORE - Former Olympian Naveed Alam has rejected the life ban imposed on him by the executive board of the Pakistan Hockey Federation and termed the move unconstitutional. Talking to journalists here Saturday, former Pakistan coach said that the status of the executive board itself is illegal and unconstitutional and the ban imposed on him and former Olympian goalkeeper Mansoor Ahmed too stands unlawful. He further said that the judicial system in the country is independent now and he would take legal course against the ban. Alam said that he is in talks with his legal experts and in the coming days he would uncover more illegal activities of Asif Bajwa and Rana Mujahid. "When Qasim Zia came in as president we hoped to see the game flourish away from infighting but the situation has worsened and the ban has come as a disappointment for all the former Olympians," he added. He said that the proper way of handling allegations is to give fair chance to all to explain but the decision was taken without listening to their side of the story and without holding of the proper inquiry.