ONE should be all ears to the Lahore Bachao Tehreek, which has touched on an important issue of rampant commercialization of Lahore. It has asked the Punjab government to stop the ongoing commercialization of various streets and thoroughfares in the city besides shifting future businesses outside the city. Broadly speaking, commercialization is a scourge that will gobble up the city by making it an unfit place to live. Imagine how the city will look like or how the citizens will feel when flyovers would invade people's privacy, when the street next to one's house will be blocked because of some school or a commercial plaza, when there would be too much noise and pollution because of a factory working day and night in a residential settlement. It is this chaos that the Lahore Bachao Tehreek dreads the most. Already, Lahore presents a picture of a mess, thanks to the policies formed by the LDA, which the LBT alleges is raking money in by this ad hoc commercialization. A basic rule of urban planning is that special zones, which are at a safe distance from housing societies, are earmarked for trade and commerce, something that no one here has ever bothered about. It is time the authorities woke up to their duty to look after civic health of the city.