KARACHI - Former world amateur champion Muhammad Yousuf lost his first group league match after seven frame contest to Muhammad Afzal of Punjab 4-3 on the opening day of the Al Haram National Ranking Snooker here on Saturday at Karachi Gymkhana. For Muhammad Afzal playing against experienced but aging Muhammad Yousuf was nice experience. The Punjab player had to play his best to record 33-65,60-06,30-72,70-37,18-75,58-36,64-27 win in the group league. Seeded Muhammad Sajjad and Muhammad Asif co-favorites in the championship won their group league match rather easily. Sajjad beat Hamza Akber in straight four frames 85-14,65-35,83-19,72-41 and Muhammed Asif dropped two frames before overpowering Bahadur Baloch of Balochistan 16-40,77-15,73-43,70-15,46-68,61-16-19,72-41. Monsoon rains that swept the city in affected all outdoor activities but the indoor activities remained unaffected. The matches in the snooker championship started on time and all the sixteen matches were decided in favour of the stronger players except on ein which Yousuf lost. First Round results: . Muhammad Sajjad beat Hamza Akber 4-0(85-14,65-35,83-19,72-41). Raees Khan beat Asjad Iqbal 4-0(56-13,58-08,78-28,49-14). Muhammed Asif beat Bahadur Baloch 4-2(16-40,77-15,73-43,70-15,46-68,61-16) Shadab Baig beat Sharjeel Mahmood 4-2(54-25,46-58,22-59,63-54,73-59,65-60). Vishan Gir beat Atif Mughal 4-1(58-71,78-41,68-46,67-41). Naveen Perwani beat Kamran Shah 4-3(55-24,35-70,57-35,12-74,27-63,93-35,105-01) Inamur Rehman beat Nauman Awan 4-3(61-26,53-63,56-15,69-59,33-52,07-58,60-08) Khurram Agha beat Qadeer Butt 4-1(09-64,66-33,66-60,65-08,71-0). Sohail Shahzad beat Umair 4-3(35-71,10-49,48-53,88-43,57-49,62-59,78-25(. Muhammed Afzal beat Muhammed Yousuf 4-3(33-65,60-06,30-72,70-37,18-75,58-36,64-27. Muhammed Javed beat Kamran Razzak 4-1(60-17,51-49,57-44,28-61,73-32). M.Asif Toba beat Muhammed Nazar 4-0(40-09,65-0,53-24,53-17).