All Muslims celebrate and revere Ramadan as a holy month; it is a month when we all fast, which is a spiritual, moral and social discipline. As a spiritual discipline, it aims at attaining nearness to Almighty Allah; in a moral discipline, it is the training ground where people are taught the greatest moral lessons, that they should be prepared to suffer the greatest privation and undergo the hardest of trials rather than indulging in worldly lust and gains.

On such a holy occasion, the people naturally expected that the newly elected PML-N government in the Center and the provincial governments in Punjab, the PPP in Sindh, the PTI in KPK and Nationalists in Balochistan, would all try wholeheartedly to mitigate their sufferings, by bringing down the prices of essentials, tackling the persisting electricity crisis, providing drinking water, ensuring health, and hygiene, managing food items quality and easing traffic congestion in the provincial capitals. Sadly, all their hopes turned to despair and desperation with the combined outcome of soaring prices of essentials, persistent electricity crisis, and acute shortage of water, no quality control of food and fruit items and horrible traffic jams. Regrettably, despite the governments’ pledge to tackle these moral, social and economic ailments, particularly during this holy month the federal and provincial governments have failed to do anything tangible in this respects and has provided no respite for the ill-fated common man of this country. So what happened to all the promises made during the campaign, are we still on the same track, is there no change for the common man? So many questions the nation asks with no reply from the echelons of power.


Islamabad, July 15.