LAHORE - City District Government Lahore Administrator Muhammad Usman has approved annual budget of Rs24.29 billion for the fiscal year 2014-15.

The major component of the budget income is the Punjab government’s announced PFC share from a big share of Rs17,803 million is expected. District Government also is expecting Rs1,057.160m from the income of its own receipts whereas the CDGL will has to face deficit of Rs300m per annum after transfer of powers of charging commercialization fees to Lahore Development Authority. However, the recovered income of CDGL was Rs984m in the last year which was 12 per cent extra as compare to the previous year.

The CDGL recovered Rs528m from the general bus stands which was 28 per cent extra from the fixed target while income of Rs600m is expected in the next fiscal year.

Similarly, CDGL earned Rs11m from rent and Rs5m from issuance of licenses whereas government’s announced 10 per cent increase in the salaries of the employees has also been added in the budget as well while office expenditures have been maintained at minimum level.

Further, CDGL allocated a record amount of Rs9,153.267m for the education sector while Rs3,476.230m for Lahore Waste Management Company, Rs1,611.7418m for health sector which include Rs17m for the construction of a 20 beds hospital at Ghaziabad with an increase of 10 percent budget for the medicines and X-Rays.

Moreover, CDGL also allocated Rs 1,250m for the pensioners so that government’s announced 10 per cent increase in the amount of pensions could be included. A record amount of Rs4,384.347m has been allocated for the development projects out of which Rs 2,016m would be spent on the ongoing development schemes while Rs510m have been allocated for the annual maintenance and repair.