ISLAMABAD-The Pakistan Peoples Party Human Rights Cell and PPP Rawalpindi Division in a protest outside Islamabad Press Club called for an end to Israeli atrocities on the innocent Palestinian people and condemned Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

Central Coordinator HR Cell Dr Nafisa Shah speaking on the occasion said that "the Party strongly condemns the Israeli aggression that has led to the slaughter of more than 300 innocent Palestinian civilians including women and children besides causing tremendous damage to infrastructure.

"The Gaza Strip today is facing apartheid of the worst kind as Israeli blockade which is illegal, immoral and inhuman is imposed on the Palestinians restricting their work and livelihoods. Gaza today has been termed as the worlds largest open air prison, a 1.5 million people caged in an urban ghetto deprived of life with freedom and dignity. The Pakistan government must play its role and stand with the people of Palestine, she demanded.

Imran Ashraf condemning the Israeli aggression said that world community and Islamic countries had failed to seek justice for the legitimate demands of the Palestinians and called upon the UN to halt the war against Palestinians while Sarfraz Raja recounted the services of Shaheed Bhutto in taking up the Palestinian cause and united the Islamic world.

PPP leader Javed Ashraf expressed dissatisfaction with Nawaz government's response to Israeli aggression and called upon the government to launch a diplomatic offensive calling upon the world to support end of illegal blockade and freedom for the people of Palestine and Gaza.

Other PPP leaders including former deputy speaker Faisal Kundi, Senator Rubina Khalid and former MNA Akhundzada Chatan attended the protest . Youth and PSF workers of PPP Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Kashmir also attended in large numbers.