LAHORE - PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri on Friday held Nawaz Sharif responsible for the ongoing crises in the country and challenged the prime minister for a live debate on media.
Addressing a news conference at PAT Secretariat on Friday, he alleged the premier of posing problems facing the country including unconstitutional manner of ruling, monarchy instead of democracy, bad governance, non-transparent working of national institutions, corruption practices in privatisation and development, against merit appointments and transfers, leaving masses insecure and depriving them of basic needs. He claimed that masses’ lot could never be improved without removing the present government.
Dr Qadri live debates have been the tradition of civilised nations who were practicing democracy. He suggested the debate should be held in a large hall or any open place in the presence of media and public. He said Nawaz Sharif should prove through his abilities there was rule of constitution and law, and real democracy in the country or corruption and lawlessness were prevailing. He reiterated that present ruling system was against the constitution, vision of Quaid-e-Azam, and democratic values. He said the system was designed to empower and protect the political and economic interests of the ruling elites who were controlling the entire resources of the nation and the government.
Dr Qadri came hard on critics of his proposed revolution, saying the coward and anti-revolution forces were using cheap tactics, whereas the revolution had already become a reality with the help of Almighty Allah and support of the people. He said he had already prepared the entire structure of the post-revolution governance, under which ruthless accountability would be held and revolutionary changes would be made in police, administration and other departments to formulate the proposed reforms in the system so that its fruits could be provided to the people at the earliest.
Responding to a question, he said a compensation of Rs10 million has been given to the police official who were killed in the operation because the morale of police had decreased badly after Model Town tragedy. He warned the police against obeying illegal and unconstitutional orders of the present rulers; otherwise they would be dismissed from service after the revolution and other jobless youth would be recruited in their places.
He said the FIR of the Model Town tragedy was not being registered. He also slammed the govt for not setting free his 53 workers who were arrested in Islamabad.