The long demanded operation by the US in North Waziristan Agency against the Haqqani network and Al Qaida-linked IMU including other foreign militants has finally started. It was anticipated for quite some time, but the attack at the Karachi airport was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. The attack made a big impression internationally, even though the security forces dealt with it quite efficiently. While discussions were carried out in the government and the media about starting the operation, thousands of civilians along with their families were relocating across the border into Afghanistan.

We should show support for our army and air force. Any haggling and rumor mongering in talk shows on TV would only weaken their spirits for their efforts to secure and rescue Pakistan’s sovereignty. Because let’s be honest, that is what the military operation is trying to do: rescue Pakistan from more turmoil. Unfortunately, it is during the wake of the forthcoming withdrawal of foreign troops in Afghanistan and the possible collapse of the US-imposed Afghan state. Therefore, let’s give the operation a chance. Let’s all hope and pray that the backlash in our cities and beyond can be contained.


Karachi, June 17.