This is in reference to PML (N) Government’s promises that load shedding will be reduced during Ramadan. The ugly reality still remains: 12 hours of daily power breakdowns even in DHA Lahore, where the electricity bill recovery is over 90%.

My humble request to PM Nawaz Sharif is to wake up and stop over relying upon bureaucracy. You need to look beyond your present kitchen cabinet for saner advice within your own party, because courtiers that surround you will keep you in the dark. Remember Sir, it is the common man of Pakistan who voted for you, not just few thousand traders, retailers or members of your clan, whom your government seems to be preoccupied with. These traders were nowhere to be seen, when your government was toppled in 1998, or when you tried to comeback to Pakistan, because it is not in nature of traders to stand up for principles.

A business friendly government promotes economic recovery by cutting down bureaucratic red tape and keeps check on their abuse of discretionary powers, provides law and order, ensures justice, and recovers taxes from every citizen who earns above a uniform declared income. No system of governance in the world, be it capitalist, socialist, or even Islamic, can survive unless it has a reliable welfare system for most deprived sections of society. For such a system tax collection is mandatory. This is why tax evasion is considered as heinous a crime as murder or rape in civilized countries, irrespective whether they have democratic parliamentary system or a presidential system.

Moral and ethics of governance are universal and every religion emphasizes upon them. An elected government derives its moral authority from Constitution and Laws, and it loses this legitimacy, the moment laws become subordinate to whims of individuals. What happened in Model Town, would never have happened, if saner politicians within your party had a role, instead of bureaucracy and few elements within your party who think that strong arm tactics can work. Your government must tackle these issues politically in accordance with laws otherwise such mishandling can only help political orphans like Qadri.


Lahore, July 13.