Pakistan is the land of the pure. Quaid-e-Azam kept his nose to the grindstone to create a state where Muslims could live with peace and prosperity without fear of maltreatment by the Hindu majority. The dream was realized on the 14th of August, 1947 in the Holy month of Ramazan (Oh sorry it’s Ramadan! My sincerest apologies). How fitting, right?

Fast forward to 2015. We have achieved a lot since the blessed day we got independence from the “Goras”. However, the biggest achievement has got to be how we have managed to find the Kuffaar amongst us. It was a tough job to be honest. Impossible, if you ask me, but we did it. After all, we are Pakistanis. We are capable of achieving anything. And achieving this one objective in particular is especially praiseworthy.

Pakistan is the Land of the pure? Nope. Sorry. Not the case. It is infested with infidels. Each and every one of us. People like you. People like me. We are all infidels. A person belonging to a particular sect hates the one belonging to a different one. Branding each other “Kaafir” is a new cool apparently among the religious chauvinists. Facebook pages are chock-full of disgusting content pertaining to different schools of thoughts. Search for a particular sect and you will more maligning pages for that particular sect than the ones promoting it. You can find comments oozing with abhorrence. The other sects have pages of their own, vilifying the patrons of the opposing sects. Facebook acts as a platform for the ignorant and the fools to carry out hate crimes.

On the streets, the pattern is the same. Clerics engage in hate speeches which often lead to barbaric acts. Recently, an anti-terrorism court jailed a cleric for 10 years for making hate speech against another sect. This was just one cleric. There are millions of others with the same hidebound mentality. This begs the question, in a place where Muslims are not really safe, what’s to become of the minorities?

I fail to comprehend the point in calling someone else, who doesn’t follow your school of thought, a kaafir? Where is the tolerance that Islam preaches? Allah says in the Holy Quran “Let there be no compulsion in religion” (2:256). Who are we to judge then? The holier-than-thou attitude must be phased out.

Then again you ask someone this question on the street and their most probable reply would be, “All these problems are being caused by an external force. We Pakistanis don’t indulge in such horrendous activities. Oh wait, I know! It’s those Zionists at it again!”