Just how callous can a city government be in the case of a section of the city, and this can be witnessed on Malir Road where repair and maintenance work has been going on for some time but it does not seem anywhere near completion. This is because the government is not taking much interest in the project and the public has been left to the mercy of the contractor and the corrupt police. This is the reason that criminal gangs are active in the area; they loot the road-users, mug people, snatch mobile phones and jewellery and commit hold-ups. In many cases, they are reported to be doing all this with collusion of the police but the area police stations are blind to these crimes. 

The condition of the road is very bad. It is full of bumps and potholes and is flooded with dirty sewerage water all the time. This is causing hygiene problems and the people living in the area are suffering from all kinds of health issues. Traffic movement on this portion of the road is very slow and is leading to considerable loss of time. Does a mega city the size of Karachi deserve this sort of treatment? 


Karachi, June 20.