The solution to our problems lies in controlling the increasing population of the country that has touched the figure of 200 million. The country is faced very aggressive and rigid problems. Poverty, unemployment, standard of living of each citizen are big issues and probably 20 percent of the families are the richest and enjoy a luxurious life.

The family planning scheme was existed w.e.f. 25-05-1965 and up till now 2016 for the last 51 years after longer period and experience of my own as director retired ministry of population Government of Pakistan, can say that the present population welfare ministry of population of federation and attached departments throughout Pakistan have failed to implement the certain projects from time to time and the policies have totally failed to lower down the birth rate and the controlling of the increasing population. I hereby suggest and propose effective impressive projects on which the government should introduce to control population and to help elevate poverty of the people of Pakistan and the NGO’s should also be involved with the government. The health of mother and child is also essential that is in family planning.

Therefore, all the motivational approaches door to door and through mobilisation should be merged into the health and social welfare department which will result in the prosperous life of each citizen of the country.


Lahore, July 18.