Let’s make paper stars and decorate our classrooms and bedrooms.

1.            Choose the paper size

Either US Letter size paper or any square piece of paper can be used to make a paper star.

2.            Make the first fold

Except for Step 3, the rest of the steps are the same for the paper square and the US Letter size paper.

The first step is to fold the paper up in half.

3.            Mark the point "X"

"X" is the point along the paper's left edge that defines the succeeding folds.

4.            Make the second fold

Fold the bottom right corner up towards "X".

5.            Make the third fold

Fold the bottom left corner over the right edge.

6.            Make the fourth fold

Finally, fold the top right corner over the left edge.

7.            Cut a wedge

Cut a diagonal line starting from the right edge going up towards the left. The resulting wedge is your folded paper star.

For comparison, this is how the folded paper square looks like after doing all the steps above.

8.            Unfold the paper star

Carefully unfold the wedge to reveal a five-point symmetrical paper star.

Published in Young Nation magazine on May 21, 2016