LAHORE:  The whole lawyers’ community strongly condemned yesterday the atrocities of Indian Army on innocent people of occupied Kashmir and urged the government’s authorities to play its due role to press the issue at international level.

The lawyers said brutality on Kashmiri people was open violation of human rights but all organizations of the world instead of condemning India were playing their role as silent spectators. Innocent youths of occupied Kashmir were being killed just for raising voice for freedom and open choice of self-determination as preserved by resolutions of the United Nations Organization.

They held seminars and different sessions to highlight the sacrifices and the problems of the Kashmiri people and to condemn the brutalities of Indian army against them.

Supreme Court Bar Association held Executive Committee meeting at bar’s Lahore office and discussed the long efforts of Kashmiri people.  The SCBA said they would invite all parties conference to highlight the issue of Kashmir at International level and to find out a viable solution of the problem.  

Presiding over the meeting, the bar president Barrister Syed Ali zafar said that the bar also said that the ambassadors of the different countries, representatives of the OIC and International amnesty would also be invited to discuss the issue. Mr. Zafar appreciated the decision of the full court and said that judges should be appointed at the principal seat of the Lahore High Court for every district, so that the people of the districts concerned could get timely justice.  He said Kashmiries had been fighting for Pakistan and therefore, they would not be left abandoned.

Lahore High Court Bar Association passed a resolution to boycott Indian products and urged the government authorities to take up the issue of Indian’ atrocities on Kashmiri people at international level. LHCBA President Rana Zia Abdul Rehman said that the state should leave double-standard  about the Indian-held Kashmir and raise this issue before the OIC and other international forums. Mr. Rehman said the government needed a substantive stance regarding its foreign policy towards occupied Kashmir .

“Muslims women are being disgraced and killed by Indian army but we have double standard and no clear-cut stance to present to the international community,” said Mr. Rehman while addressing a meeting held at LHCBA.

The lawyers also chanted slogans on the occasion.

At Lahore Bar Association, Jamat-ud-Dawa Chief Hafiz Saeed addressed the lawyers and said that America was backing Indian PM Modi to commit atrocities with Kashmiri people. Hafiz Saeed urged Pakistanis to express solidarity with Kashmiris regarding their right to self-determination. He said Hindus along with Indian army had been killing innocent Kashmiris. The struggle of Kashmiri people had entered into final stage, therefore, Indian government had  increased the army and blocked all social media networks in held-Kashmir.   The members of the Lahore Bar Association had decided to observe Wednesday (today) as black day to express sympathy and show solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir .