LAHORE  - A street gangster shot and killed a man over control of auto-rickshaw stand in Nawan Kot police precincts yesterday. 

Police said that the victim, identified as Irshad-ul-Haq, had developed a dispute with Ali Baba over the control of rickshaw-stand. Investigators said that Ali Baba wanted the control of rickshaw stand to collect extortion from the auto-dealers but Haq was unwilling to give up. 

On the day of incident, Ali Baba along with his accomplices appeared at the stand and opened straight fire on Haq after a brief altercation. The man received multiple bullet injuries and expired on the spot. The killers however fled the crime scene. 

Police reached the spot later and removed the body to the morgue for autopsy. A murder case (under section 302 of the PPC) was registered against Ali Baba and his accomplices. The police were investigating the killing with no arrest made yet.