“By this treaty, we are not only seeking to establish freedom from aggression and from the use of force in the North Atlantic community, but we are also actively striving to promote and preserve peace throughout the world.”

–Harry S. Truman, August 24, 1949.

In the words of Harry Truman, NATO is an organisation which seeks to establish perpetual peace. It would not restrict its aims of establishing harmony to any particular part of the world. However, NATO’s activities since then have suggested otherwise. It’s association to the United Nations, an organisation lead by its Security Council, the members of which predominantly remain the western powers, suggests that NATO is till this day sheltering the interests of the North Atlantic Community. NATO’s success in its much spoken of involvement in the War on Terror is questioned in the world today in relation with the condition of Asian states, Afghanistan and Iraq, both of which provide a habitat to radical terrorist organisations such as Al-Qaeda. NATO failed to stabilise Libya after its bombing campaign that ousted the Gaddafi regime in 2011. Outside of the North Atlantic community, NATO has emerged as a systemically flawed organisation which has failed repeatedly whether it be in Afghanistan or Libya.