We are, Who We Are!

And no one can change us!

What do you expect from us lost souls?                                                            

Searching for our identity amongst life’s goals

The mistakes will come and we’ll stumble a lot;

But we’ll find ourselves while you stand there n’ gloat

So let us be until we have learned our lessons

And till then, please don’t try to shape us!

We are confused and we search for direction

And time doesn’t allow us a moment of retraction

But eventually we shall find the path to correction

So till then, please don’t try to shame us!

We might act like we don’t care

But deep down inside we’ve had our share

We are more afraid than you than you can ever know off

But one day, time shall come for us to show off

So till then, please don’t try to tame us!

We suffer from the same insecurities as you do

We too spend sleepless nights, thinking what to do

But a day shall come when we’ll find our way

And that is the day on which we’ll have our say

So till then, please don’t try to change us!

We dream to fly, but dare not try

For we fear that the wind shall swat us by

But one day, we’ll find the courage to spread our wings

And on that day we would tell you what the eagles sing!

So till then, please don’t try to blame us!

So let us struggle and make our mistakes

Let the odds rise and increase the stakes

For when our day shall come, we’ll show you all

The heights to which a man can rise, when he finds his call

So till then, please don’t try to contain us!

‘Coz We Are Who We Are…

And only ‘we’ can change us!