LAHORE - Punjab Rangers have planned to plant about 500,000 trees in the province as part of Monsoon Tree Plantation drive, a spokesman said yesterday.

About 20 percent of the trees have already been planted in all sectors, with cooperation of Forest department.

According to the Rangers spokesman, anti-dengue fish and swans will also be released in selected aquatic areas. Rangers have started organising free medical camps for the people living in far flung areas. Overall 58 medical camps will be organised by Rangers this year, the spokesman added.

Troops are always on the lookout for criminals who damage the nature by illegal hunting and tree cutting; many have been apprehended and are being charged with heavy fines and punishments by law.

As per the direction of Punjab Rangers DG Major General Umar Farooq Burki, plantation is being done to take maximum advantage of early monsoon rains this year.

After reviewing ongoing efforts yesterday, the DG expressed satisfaction on the progress. He urged the need of collective efforts to supplement global environment protection efforts and achieve cleaner and greener future for our coming generations.

The collaborative efforts of Rangers and local populace have started showing results which will help in achieving our desired target this year.