My father had his open heart surgery a few years ago, followed by my uncle. In both cases the surgery was so strenuous on the patient that after the surgery my father and my uncle could not even sit up straight in a chair, let alone walk in a park. And when the nurse/doctor would make them sit in the chair, instead of lying in the bed, they both would develop slight body temperature as well as get really exhausted, due to the effort their bodies were making just to sit in a chair.

Therefore I do not understand how our Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif can claim to have undergone open heart surgery and then go our for walks in Hyde park. I have found out from the doctors, who have informed me that the procedure and technology has not changed much. Does this mean that our Prime Minister had a different procedure conducted but his media team was informing the world incorrectly? Or does this mean that our Prime Minister possesses super powers?


Peshawar, June 22.