By Hira Nauman

Dear young readers, keeping in view the importance and increasing problems related to teeth among youngsters. We are going to discuss human teeth, its functions, and types and how teeth should be protected and cared and to minimize the problems associated with them. Do you know human beings have two sets of teeth? i.e. primary and permanent teeth.They are very important part of human body like other organs.

Primary Teeth (baby, milk, deciduous):

Some babies are born with 2 to 3 visible teeth but usually kids start erupting at the age of 6month and complete the eruption by 3rd year. There are 20 primary teeth, 10 on the upper jaw and 10 on the lower jaw.

Permanent Teeth (Adult teeth):

At the age of 6, the milk teeth start falling and permanent teeth replace them in the mouth. The permanent teeth are larger, sharper, stronger and 32 in numbers (16 on upper and 16 on lower jaw). Both types of teeth perform the same functions.


The young readers, like all other organs of the human body, teeth also have certain functions to perform. The body needs energy to survive and perform different functions and it gets its energy from different types of food, we eat. The main functions of the teeth are:

1.      Biting

2.      Tearing/Ripping

3.      Chewing

4.      Crushing the food


It is very important for us to show concern to our teeth and provide them all the required necessary care, as they are very essential part of our body. They help in eating and greatly influence our speaking and personality. If we take care of our teeth, we will be able to enjoy different delicious food, pleasant breath and personality, strong healthy gums and teeth. But if, we show carelessness towards our teeth, it will results in:

1.      Bad Breathe

2.      Tooth Decay

3.      Tooth loss

4.      Oral Cancer

5.      Other gum diseases

6.      De shaping of teeth and gums

7.      Painful and expensive dental visits


We can protect our teeth from all the above mentioned problems by:

1.     Brushing our teeth twice a day will help us protect our teeth. Once before taking breakfast and the other before going to bed at night.

2.      Using small and soft brush, hard brush can damage gums and enamels.

3.      Keeping our tooth brush safe from germs by:

a.       Washing our hands with soap/hand wash before brushing

b.      not sharing our tooth brush to avoid germs and other diseases

c.       Rinsing under running water after use

d.      Keeping it covered in a dry place

e.       Changing our brush often

4.      Using fluoride toothpaste as it protects the enamels and saves teeth from getting cavities.

5.      Spending 3 minutes on brushing gently each side of the teeth and rinse properly after brushing.

6.      Flossing regularly to avoid food deposits; it cleans the parts where our toothbrush cannot reach.

7.      Brushing our tongue because surface of our tongue is not even and food particles often get trapped there and later can transfer the bacteria to teeth.

8.      Not smoking, as it is very harmful for the health of our teeth. It gives yellow stains to teeth, bad breath and other gum diseases.

9.      Healthy diet is very important to protect our teeth and we should follow the followings to avoid teeth problems:

a.       Limit sugar consumption

b.      Eat less sticky food

c.       Scrape your teeth clean with a crunchy fruit or vegetable

d.      Avoid cold and soft drinks and increase the usage of fresh juices and shakes instead.

10.  Getting professional care for our teeth, if we feel any dental problem, we should not hesitate to visit a dentist.

Published in Young Nation magazine on May 21, 2016