Generally, there are multiple resources of eradicating deep roots of terrorism. Mind is one of the main tools to remove terrorism. Without mind and policies, weapons are useless to eliminate terrorism. Look at Pakistan, initially, it was handed over to the pesky terrorists, who wanted to demolish the beauty of Pakistan. But, when our leaders used their mind against terrorism, they took initiative in the shape of National Action Plan to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan. 

Currently, Pakistan is considered a peaceful state, it is all about politics of minds. Likewise, using of mind can lead any destructive nation into being prosperous. Thus, every nation, which is effected by terrorism, corruption and other malpractices, should start using its mind, to eradicate such destructive things. If any country, like Pakistan, uses beneficial policies from mind to remove terrorism then that nation would be called a colourful land. 


Shikarpur, June 20.