LAHORE: Taxi-hailing service Careem Pakistan offered matchmaking service in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad for two days.  

The traditional 'Rishta Aunty' who always look for potential rishtas by approaching unmarried girls and sometimes married women joined the Careem for two days.

Careem announced this service on its Facebook page and twitter like, "Band kar forever alone ka naara ab status 'taken' ho ga tumhara! Careem offers you the 'halal' way to find the right person. Have a rishta aunty accompany you during your ride."

The twitter users did not handle the offer and expressed it in their own ways. A twitter user Snober Abbasi‏ @snobers tweeted “Even #Careem aunty can't fix the society that wants a doctor bahu but won't let her practice after the marriage.”

Aiman tweeted that “After 15 years Kids: 'mama Papa app ke love marriage thee ya arranged?' Parents: 'betaa #CareemMarriage' #Careem #RishtaAunty #HalalMarriage”

Even Careem Rishta aunty sensation reached the China through social media. One Chinese Muslim Aisha girl tweeted on @Yixi_Arsalan “Received email from #Careem that "Your Rishta has arrived!" Asked my colleagues to translate. They're still laughing, dunno why.”

Interestingly, when anyone books a Careem ride in routine days, they will get message that “your captain has arrived’ but now those who are booking their rides are getting messages like, "Your Rishta has arrived".

Looking for genuine Rishta aunty on twitter, one twitter user pointed out Rishta Aunty. Interestingly her last tweet was tweeted in 2013 "The aunty did not choose the life. The life chose the aunty."