Lahore - The Punjab chief secretary said that he delegated his powers to the divisional commissioners and directed them to resolve the public issues on the division level and strictly implement election commission code of conduct.

Talking exclusively to The Nation, Akbar Hussain Durrani claimed that he himself had been monitoring the electioneering codes. He said that he himself monitored the election violations through the dashboard his administration had developed for elections.

He said that he remained in touch with the Commissioners, deputy commissioners and police officers to ensure addressing public complaints.

Durrani also stressed that he would continue checking the public facilities like hospitals etc across the province as he did in the provincial capital. He said that all the DCs had been directed to continue crackdown against those who violated Election Commission of Pakistan code of conduct for upcoming general elections. The ECP has already issued a strict code of conduct for the polls campaign and warned that violators will be liable for two-year imprisonment and one hundred thousand rupees fine. There is a code of conduct relating to holding of public rallies, processions and other activities by political candidates.

All the candidates are bound to seek approval from the district administration before any major political activity.

He said that the DCs had communicated to the contesting candidates concerned to abide by the election codes in their districts. Moreover, other departments like the Local Government, Education etc have also through circulations warned their employees to ensure implementation of the code of conduct across the board.

He said that all the DCs have been uploading violations of the code of conduct on the dashboard like loudspeakers, carrying of arms etc. The violation of the code of conduct might lead to disqualification of candidature as well.

The CS further said that he had personally focused fog issue and chaired a meeting on it. He said that the concerned departments would prepare precautions and policy well before the fog affects the environment. He said that the environment pollution was another major issue he wanted to resolve.

He said that he wanted promotion of tourism in the province. He said that there are major holy places for Sikhs, Budhs and Hindus in Punjab. There should be a five-star residential facility for the international Sikh yatrees who wanted to visit their holy place Guru Nanak in Nankana Sahib.

He said that he would visit Nankana Sahib and meet the Sikh yatrees there. The oldest holy place for Budhs is situated in Taxila that needed restoration. Taxila had been a centre of learning for Buddhism for several centuries. If restored it could continue to attract students from around the old world, he asserted.

He also talked to restore facilities at the Katasraj Temple situated in Chakwal. The temple holy pool issued had knocked at the apex court doors that is said to be created of Lord Shiva’s tears. He said he would also ensure restoration of the temple and its pool as an international tourist place.

He also directed to resolve the environmental pollution erupted after the establishment of the cement factories. He said that he had also directed the Forest department to increase plantation target to 30 million in the province.

He said that he visited many countries but the natural beauty he saw in Pakistan was unmatchable. Warm beaches, high mountains, glaciers, planes, deserts and all other natural splendor you find in Pakistan.