KARACHI - Sindh Water Commission on Wednesday expressed its annoyance over not installing water treatment plants by the sugar mills in Shaheeed Benazirabad district. The commission directed to install the plants within three months.

Supreme Court-mandated judicial commission headed by Justice (retired) Amir hani Muslim took up the issue of treatment plants in the sugar mills in the interior parts of the province.

The representatives of the sugar mills also appeared in the proceedings of the commission.

, and pleaded to give more times to install treatment plants.

The commission showed its displeasure over non-installation treatment plants in two sugar mills in Shaheeed Benazirabad by giving them three months to install these plants.    

Commission showed concern over the release of waste from sugar mills and observed that this untreated waste is causing harm to environment badly. “Do you have any idea how this untreated waste is adversely impacting the people and environment” said Justice Hani while giving his remarks and addressing the representatives of sugar mills.

Pointing towards representatives of sugar mills, the commission head observed that foundation is being laid to ruin our future generation through such anti-environment acts.

Sugar mills’ representatives sought more times from the commission to install the treatment plants, which was granted by binding the sugar mills to put in operation these plants in three months time.

Commission also directed the sugar mills to submit undertaking about installation of treatment plants in three months times.