ISLAMABAD   -   The Building Control Section of the Capital Development Authority is completely silent over the unauthorised constructions being made by the Islamabad Hotel upon its open space.

The hotel is situated at one of the main locations of Melody Market in sector G-6 and its management is openly constructing a roof upon its open space that was originally meant for car parking.  However, the BCS staffers are surprisingly silent over blatant violation of law on one of the major roads of the capital, who in routine even raze down temporary structures of poor people in the name of illegal constructions.

When contacted, the concerned Deputy Director Raheem Bangash expressed his ignorance about the constructions and stated that they had served a notice to the hotel management, asking them to stop unauthorised construction.

However, when demanded a copy of the notice, he retracted from his earlier position and said that it was sent few months back and it had nothing to do with the present constructions.

“The discrimination made by the city managers always earn bad repute for the authority which needs to be treat all the citizen equally without any difference of their status and class”, an insider commented.