LAHORE   -  Mental health consciousness continues a problem in Pakistan where, owing to the stigma attached to it, many prefer to suffer in silence. Actress Sanam Saeed demand for action to reduce the issue of suicide in Pakistan.

Taking to Twitter, she said that there is no free helpline for suicide, or any mental health related trauma. The actress added that we need a toll free number to get help at the end of the line, to help save lives. “Also, break the stigma, the taboo. There is no shame is seeking mental health help,” she added.

The Bachaana actor added that Pakistanis need a toll free number to get help at the end of the line, to help save lives.

Earlier, President Dr Arif Alvi had also called for a 24/7 helpline to address mental health issues. In a Tweet on Sunday, the PTI leader wrote, “Millions of people especially women under different socio-economic pressures face depression & some commit suicide. Psychiatric help should be readily available including a 24/7 helpline.”

Many experts agree that the lifestyle lacking recreational and social activities lead to mental illness. This particular lifestyle engenders obesity and cardiovascular diseases, let alone mental health issues.

It is believed that mental illness afflicts 15 to 35 million adults in Pakistan. Also, a scientific survey by Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES) revealed that obesity (speedily) falling on most of Pakistanis. Based on research studies, it can be said that one can improve mental and physical health expeditiously by embracing recreational activities.