KARACHI    -   A six-month progress report of all police complaint centres was presented to Inspector General Sindh Kaleem Imam, which noted that, collectively, 16,162 complaints were received from across the province. The report from January to June pointed out 457 complaints related to non-registration of FIRs, out of which, 356 were resolved.

As many as 1,647 complaints regarding police’s behaviour were received and 986 of them were addressed. About illegal detention of police, 270 complaints were registered and 164 out of them were fixed.

Complaints related to the police’s corruption were 622, out of which, 366 were resolved. Lack of proper investigation in cases was reported 133 times and only 80 of such complaints were addressed.

At least 183 complaints about the criminal activities of police officers were registered and 113 of them were answered. The spokesperson of police said cited complaints were received through phone, email, fax and WhatsApp.