LAHORE - As per the directions of Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Shoaib Dastgir, action is underway against violators of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the government to contain spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Since June6th, of 223137 shops which have been checked, 22,988 have been sealed and closed over violations.

Similarly, fines have been imposed on the owners of 227554 vehicles, motorcycles and drivers of public transport vehicles over the violations of SOPs.

Similarly, police teams continue to crackdown on violators in coordination with other departments.

Speaking at Central Police Office on Saturday, Punjab IGP Shoaib Dastgir said that in order to control spread of the coronavirus, officers and officials in all the districts should perform their duties with more commitment, spirit, and diligence and also ensure compliance with the instructions and precautionary measures, issued by the Punjab government.

He further said that field officers should personally supervise the observance of precautions in field areas and that special focus should be paid on the implementation of SOPs so that precious lives of citizens could be saved.

He further said that there should be no interruption in the movement of transport, carrying medicines and edible commodities whereas action should be taken in markets, bazaars and other public places in coordination with other government departments.

“Moreover, law violators should also realise it is their duty to follow the SOPs since it is in their own interest,” he emphasized.

Punjab IGP Shoaib Dastgir was told that during the operation 323516 people had been intercepted for checking and 58,432 were fined by the civil administration over violations of SOPs.

With regard to the action taken on July 17, the IGP was apprised that 4,262 shops were inspected across the province on that day out of which 220 had been sealed and closed for violations of SOPs.

Likewise 10802 motorcycles, 2463 vehicles and 1366 public transport vehicles have also been checked and upon violation of SOPs, the civil administration imposed fines on 2688   vehicles, motorcycles and vehicles. Collectively, 5889 citizens have been checked and 1159 citizens were fined by civil administration upon violation of SOPs.

IGP Punjab Shoaib Dastgir directed the regional and district heads of police to speed up action over violations of the SOPs and emphasised that officers and officials deputed in field must ensure that precautionary measures were taken so that they could not only save themselves from the pandemic but others also.