ISLAMABAD - Rich potential exists ahead for boosting the Si­no-Pak trade, in view of the existing vast benefits for the people of both the neighbouring states.

According to a report by Gwadar Pro on Saturday, due to the free-trade agreement (FTA), there has been a surge in exports with China.

The Chinese government has shown great interest in expanding trade with Pakistan. They are hop­ing to import goods from Pakistan. Vegetables and fruits are expected to be imported to China. Pakistan imports machinery too from China.

In China, there is a huge demand for Pakistani mangoes, berry fruits, potatoes, wheat, rice, and citric fruits. The countries are working on devel­oping genetically engineered rice. Another big project is to construct reliable supply chains for halal foods.

There are also specific opportu­nities for Pakistan in the agricultur­al industry, as the country is facing problems with the quality of its irri­gable land area.

China prefers trade about its agrarian needs with the Asian coun­tries, such as Pakistan, India, Thai­land, and Vietnam.