ISLAMABAD - The universal values of free­dom and peace are under assault in Indian occupied Kashmir and the world community should take notice of “egregious hu­man rights violations” in the occupied region, Paki­stan’s Ambassador to the United States Asad Ma­jeed Khan said yesterday.

“India has occupied the region and brutally op­pressed its people since 1947,” he said in an opinion piece published in News­week, a leading American weekly magazine, point­ing out that random and senseless killing remains a fact of life in Kashmir.

“The international community, particularly the United States, cannot let India get away with its brutal oppression of the Kashmiri people un­der the cover of the coro­navirus pandemic,” the Pakistani envoy said.

Last year, he said, the spirits of millions of Kashmiri people were lifted when President Donald Trump offered to mediate the Kashmir dis­pute, when he met Prime Minister Imran Khan in Washington.

“The president recog­nized that peace in South Asia would remain elu­sive until Kashmiris are able to choose their own destiny,” he said.