KARACHI-PTI Karachi President Khurram Sher Zaman criticized PPP’s government over Karachi’s local body system collapse amid urban flooding in the city.

In a press conference held at Insaf House, Karachi, PTI lawmaker said that in just an hour of rain, Karachi got drowned due to the failed local bodies system of Pakistan People’s Party. World Bank provided Rs 1 billion for the drainage system but it went in vain as usual, said a communique.

He demanded the audit of this 1 billion rupees grant. He discussed the dismal state of drains in the city by pointing out towards the Mahmoodabad drain which was at its worst state and filled with garbage. Likewise other drains of Gujar Nala, Korangi and Sultan Nala were also in a sorry state.

Khurram Sher Zaman pointed out the major areas of the city were flooded with water including the city’s largest hospital Jinnah Hospital.

“Furniture Market of the city was also flooded as the residents of the area were highly affected. Metropolitan’s largest road Shahrae Faisal also presented a picture of a river.” He criticized Bilawal Bhutto and asked about his disappearance on this dismal state of the city which was the highest taxpaying city of the country.

“Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah is responsible for this situation as he is the head of Solid Waste Management and for the drains. It is a shame for our country that World Bank is giving us grant for drains cleaning and still that grant goes to Sindh’s government’s pockets. An inquiry should be made on this, CM and Mayor Karachi should be inquired upon. Under Article 140-A of the constitution, the grants must go directly to the Union Councils. We don’t see this much of urban flooding in other major cities including Peshawar, Multan even in Baluchistan, it just happens in Sindh due to corrupt leaders of PPP,” he mentioned.

PTI MPA Bilal Ghaffar said local bodies in Karachi were failed since last 12 years. We had approved a resolution in Sindh Assembly for PFC but it’s not implemented.

Its implemented in KPK since the last 5 years and the district budget was allocated through district governments, he added.

He said PTI leader Ali Zaidi launched the ‘Lets Clean Karachi campaign’ and Centre spent 90 million in that due to which Karachi was saved from urban flooding. This year, the government again failed for getting the drains cleaned and the result was in front of us. The KMC, DMC and Sindh government was responsible for this urban flooding in the economic hub of the country.

MPA and General Secretary -PTI Karachi Saeed Afridi said, “I have done the work in my constituency from the federal budget and there is no sign of urban flooding in my area while the other areas of the city are drowned. PPP has shown the worst governance and ill planning in these 12 years,” he added.