ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi on Saturday said last year under the ‘Lets Clean Karachi’ initiative with the help of FWO we managed to clean the storm drains just in time. In a message on social networking site, he said that “when the rains came, our city was saved from disaster”. 

He said that “all Sindh govt had to do was to maintain what we had done and as usual they’ve failed. Now once again we are left to fend for ourselves as the provincial government is nowhere to be seen.”

The minister said those who can’t even pick up trash have ruled us for over 12 years, adding that “But yes, they are experts when it comes to kidnapping, extortion, corruption and even murder”.

He said that the Federal govt will not leave the citizens of Karachi at the mercy of these people, some of who were known protectors and facilitators of known criminals.

He said that “let’s bring our house in order, adding that “I have always said, without fixing Karachi, Pakistan’s economic revival is just a pipe dream.”