LAHORE-President of University of Management & Technology (UMT) Ibrahim Hassan Murad expressed that we, as a nation, must consistently empower our children to keep up with the newest ways of learning with 21st Century concepts. He said that it is foremost responsibility of parents, teachers & policymakers to inculcate digital thinking in school going children which will inspire them to channel their respective creativity. Learning of web based applications and tools must be at forefront as this initiative will promote digital education system in Pakistan; he added. Ibrahim Murad expressed that it should be a part of our academic endeavors to introduce basic study of coding in this digital age and familiarize children with the technologies around them. He further said that with the advent of digital age, the world around us is changing dramatically and traditional ways of learning are no longer relevant. We are living in an increasingly digitalized world that demands a new set of curriculum enabling our children to learn futuristic skills of problem solving at an early stage; he added. Ibrahim Hassan Murad also expressed that we must devise long term objectives to bring tomorrow’s learning in today’s school education and it can only be achieved if we incorporate computing and coding as compulsory subjects in the national curriculum. He further added that the initial learning in digital education would help our children to develop critical thinking and logical reasoning.