The general elections of February 18, 2008 produced most unexpected results for the Pervez Musharraf regime. The PML (Q) spent billions of rupees on print and electronic media campaigns to swing the elections their way. The PML (Q) election symbol, the cycle, was hammered into the minds of the general public. One could see banners showing cycle everywhere on the roadsides. But the general public was so fed up with the pro-Musharraf government that their candidates were thoroughly beaten both in national and provincial assemblies. After seeing the results, the President along with his cronies should have resigned. But he did not. The new government was formed after much hassle but the President continued in his position despite knowing full well that the general public had given a verdict against him. The leaders of winning parties i.e. PML (N) and PPP, could not themselves contest the elections but they are in the driving seat now. -MOHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore Cantt., via e-mail, June 4.