''Whoa Somebody snatched my purse and ran away'', ''I got my pocket picked'', ''some guys on a motorbike stole my mobile''; and the list goes onthese few crisp sentences have become the hottest talk of the town nowadays. Street crimes, mainly snatching purse, mobiles etc, are increasing by each coming day. The street crime rate has increased in 2008 as compared to 2007 and the city police have failed to control it. The statistics show that in 2007 mobile and purse-snatchers made off with valuable worth Rs 4.5 million, while the police recovered items worth Rs 0.2 million only. Moreover, the city police received over 1,000 applications of mobile phone snatchings. The statics are now doubled in 2008. The major causes of street crimes are unemployment and illiteracy; but there are some other factors too like lawlessness, fundamentalism and double standards prevailing in the society. We must all have come across the story in Karachi, where the citizens fought back by burning the robbers. This shows how fewer people have come to depend on the law enforcement agencies for help. They are vigorously trying to find ways themselves to put an end to all this. But this displays just one part of the tale, as the biggest dilemma rests not only in the poor condition of those being robbed but actually of those who become the robbers. How much can a youngster earn in a country having a low employment level and less job opportunities? Or what should one do when ones salary is lesser than the spending? And not to forget, coping up with a bribe-driven system is yet another story. All these factors are much needed to be thought upon. The victims can be pitied, but the elements, which allow people to commit such crimes, must be eliminated first. It is true that system is not the only unit that should be cursed for the moral weakness of an individual. For more importantly the individual him must be held responsible for these sinful acts. These are the people who are unable to obtain enough funds through jobs. Some are too lazy to even look for jobs and want a quick buck without having to work for it. Others do it to finance their drug habits and some simply do it for fun Youth carrying arms, scare the innocent citizens and deprive them of valuables and even dare to kill them on resistance. Street crimes were on peak during the present government tenure. In last 5 years, rate of street crime has been increased 3 times. People are being abducted wjenever whereever they want and nobody is there to stop them. It is not safe for a person to roam around freely, women are scared to wear jewelery outside. People look like orphan and helpless, and no one is thinking about them. Pakistan needs literate and sincere leadership to come up and provide some relief to the feared citizens. And free them from such evil elements. Sehr Hassan