JUST as his band is accused of ripping off someone else's song, Coldplay's Chris Martin says in an interview that he and his bandmates are "the world's worst-but most enthusiastic-plagiarists. We'll try and copy anyone." Now, we're pretty sure Martin was just being self-deprecating as he and a bandmate discussed trying to write a song like Blur's "Sing" (which is a great song). The point seems to be that great music inspires them and fuels their own creativity. We're guessing he-and the band's lawyers-are probably wishing he'd said just that instead. Get the rest of the quote after the jump. Martin says: "We're one of the world's worst-but most enthusiastic-plagiarists as a band. We'll try and copy anything but tend to fail, so we come up with something...that sounds like us-only through trying to sound like somebody else." - E online