ISLAMABAD- The early monsoon sweeping different parts of the country have raised hopes of a bumper crop that would be helpful for the farmers and a ray of hope for them. Overall, indications are that it is going to be a good monsoon for the Arid Areas of the country. Especially, the areas where the sowing and transplanting of crops had either started or about to begin like soybean, groundnut, jowar, bajra and pulses would be benefited by the early monsoon. The plantation in the Capital after chopping glen of trees for the construction and widening of roads to get boost in this pre-monsoon arrival in the town. It will greatly increase the chances of new plants taking root and be lush green turn Capital a beautiful and eye soothing. The Met department official told and predicted more rains and dust storm in the different parts of the country in the next 4-5 days. This news is a bad omen for many in the country and in the town. Early monsoon is a bad news for apple and fruits king 'mango' because dust storm is expected in Punjab, upper NWFP and Balochistan. Mango crop grower Rana Asad Iqbal said that dust storm is a threat for mango crop and termed it a bad news. In the areas where apple is main crop it is also a threat, he maintained.    When contacted Met official he confirmed that dust storm is a danger for both the crops. If rains continue, apples are going to be smaller and less juicy, The Nation learnt. It is an early threat for the dwellers living along Nullah Leh and they fear a flood as the monsoon approaches earlier than the routine because twin cities on Tuesday night received another short spell of rain. The Met department has called the current spell of rains as pre-monsoon showers. The Met department official confirmed that the conditions were favourable for further advance of the monsoon in Punjab and upper NWFP in the next four-five days. The temperatures have gone down by almost 4-5 degree Celsius, while on Wednesday it was recoded 34 degree Celsius which is low than normal temperature in the twin cities while the routine temperature is 38.4 degree Celsius.   The weather became pleasant after the rain and the past spells of rains decrease the mercury in Capital. The twin cities remained under the grip of short spells of rains from the last few days. Succinctly, early monsoon is a good but for many it is a bad omen.