ISLAMABAD- MNA from Opposition Kashmala Tariq on Wednesday came down hard on the treasury for not giving them sufficient time to debate the finance bill and also criticized for not getting the input of the MPs by tabling the budget document for debate in Finance Committee of the House. She also flayed the treasury for barring the MPs from submitting cut motions on Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and Privatization Commission, terming the entire exercise a shame game in which both the treasury and opposition members were hands in glove. Over a dozen MPs from opposition and treasury benches participated in the budget debate and, as expected, the treasury members termed it people's friendly budget while the opposition side highlighted the flaws in it and said that there was nothing worth for the poor. Even some of the members subjected President Pervez Musharraf to severe criticism and demanded his impeachment for what he had done to the country. Earlier, when Speaker asked Kashmala Tariq to complete her submissions on budget in five minutes she objected to it and asked the chair to give her with details of the time given to the opposition MPs, but after arguing for couple of minutes she initiated with her comments on finance bill. She regretted that most of the speeches delivered on the budget document were irrelevant and MPs had made political speeches and finance bill was not taken seriously. She said that instead of involving in blame-game government should take corrective measures to put the economy on strong footing. Taking part in the debate PPP MNA Farah Naz Ispahani commended the present government for bringing out a people friendly budget and demanded legal action against those who were responsible for the economic mess in the country during the last eight years. She hoped that the makers of wrong policies will be buried in the annals of history for good, very soon. "I urge this House to order trial against all those responsible for putting the economy in shambles," she said and added that in these circumstances it was the best possible budget. PML-N MNA from Hazara Division Faiz Ahmad Khan suggested that no budget allocations for Presidency be made like he(President Musharraf) had done with the children holed up in Lal Masjid and were killed brutally. He asked the House to join hands for impeachment of President Musharraf as he had ruined everything in the country. He praised the government for coming out with clear-cut stance on Kalabagh dam. The debate was in progress when the recommendations in the finance bill proposed by the Upper House of the Parliament were tabled before the House for debate and Speaker put it for debate in the NA on Thursday. Speaker invited PML(Q) Parliamentary Leader to take part in the debate but on his request his speech was put off till Thursday morning. Later, the house was adjourned till Thursday 10.00am. Earlier, the Opposition MPs taking part in the budget debate on Wednesday admitted that their government had made mistakes in the past and asked the present government not to repeat the same and come forward with an effective relief package for the common man. Parliamentarians demanded of the government to reduce the number of Army Generals and to sell the GHQ's acquired land in Federal Capital to meet the revenue shortfall. Parliamentarians further demanded of the government to increase budgetary allocation for agriculture sector. They demanded that the government should provide maximum relief to farmers in electricity, fertilizers, seeds and agriculture loans. They said that the government should also increase the budget allocations for health and education sectors. Taking part in the debate Raza Hayat Hiraj said the government should not repeat the mistakes of the previous government and take measures to provide maximum relief to the common man and address the problems of industrial and agricultural sectors. "We had committed mistakes in the past and we accept them. If we committed mistake by sacking Supreme Court's judges and arresting great scientist Dr AQ Khan, then the government should restore the deposed judges and release Dr. Khan," he said. He said that if our prime minister was not powerful, new Prime Minster Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani should be made powerful.     Taking part in the budget debate, MNA Liaquat Ali appreciated the government for presenting the defence budget in the Parliament. He said that revenue deficit could be decreased by selling the acquired land of General Headquarters (GHQ) in the capital. "A total of Rs 25 billion can be saved by reducing the number of Army Generals," he said. He proposed that the population planning should be reviewed to control the fast increasing population and to cater for their needs in the country. Khalida Mansoor said agriculture is backbone of the country's economy, and the government has to provide enough support to farmers to make them prosperous. She said the government should pay heed to organic farming, and it would enable the country to be sufficient in potato, tomato and onion production and there will be no need to import these products from neighbouring country. The government should also focus on health sector, she said and added unreasonable restriction of media should be removed. Nadeem Ahsan of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) said that his party would foil all plots of the PPP and its Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. He criticized the government for neglecting the agriculture sector and said that the new government should take bold steps to improve it. He said that now the nation is facing shortage of wheat due to the previous government's negligence. Riaz Fatiyana of PML-Q said the inflation is rising day by day and foreign exchange has come down and unemployment is on the increase. "I have no objection if the number of Supreme Court judges is increased. I propose that the number of High Courts judges should also be raised." He proposed that the government should provide maximum basic health and education facilities to the people. He proposed reduction of interest rate on loans and withdrawal of taxes on food items. Masood Abbas said the people are facing law and order situation in the country. On other hand, the country is facing the crises of judiciary, which is aggravating the situation. He said NWFP government is making effort to improve law and order situation in the province and tribal areas. "There is no cooperation between federal and provincial law enforcement agencies to address this issue. He said this problem could be resolved with the negotiations with the people concerned.    Rai Mujtaba Kharal said that the nation could not forget the murder of PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto, Nawab Akbar Bugti and innocent children of Lal Masjid. He said that Benazir Income Support Programme will provide relief to the common man. In order to facilitate the farmers the government should announce subsidized tractor scheme, which was launched by Benazir Bhutto's previous government. However, he appreciated the subsidy on fertilizers. Khawaja Sheeraz Muhammad said it was the need of the hour to review the  education policy. He said that the government had to take bold steps  to control price hike and unemployment in the country.   Shahnaz Saleem of PML-N proposed that the government could get Rs 112 billion by imposing Capital Gains Tax. She said that the presidency fund was increased from Rs 320 million to RS 350 million. She said half of the presidency fund should be cut down from the budget. Fauzia Wahab of PPP said that there is no role of her party in political, judicial and other crises faced by the country. "Our society has become intolerant. Some elements polarized the mind of young men against PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto. Today our leader would have been present in the House if the society was not polarized. We have been deprived of the great leader of South Aisa," she said. She said that PPP has rooted out the feudalism from the country and now the industrialists have replaced the feudals, she added. During the course of debate Kashmala Tariq of PML-Q pointed towards the quorum. She said that no minister was present in the House and even there was no bureaucrat sitting in the gallery. Presiding Officer Mehreen Anwar Raja ordered for the count and after the counting the House was declared in order with 121 members in attendance, following which the House resounded with the slogans of "Shame Shame" when the quorum was found in order. Dr Ayat Ullah Dorrani of PPP said that every dictator had launched military operation against Blochs; even many innocent people were killed in the tenure of General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf.    He said that many Blochs were kidnapped and were missing in Balochistan. He said that the issue of Balochistan should be resolved through negotiations. He said that as many as Rs 2 billion should be allocated in the budget for Balochistan. Faisal Saleh Hayat on a point of order said that despite the ruling of Speaker and assurance of leader of the House the officials of Finance Ministry were not present in the House to note down the recommendations of parliamentarians. Minister of Labour, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis said that Deputy Secretaries and other officials of CBR and Economic Affairs were sitting in the parliament and noting the recommendations of the House. Haider Abbas Rizvi of MQM said the government has imposed Rs 1250 billion indirect and direct taxes. He said that a total of Rs 450 billion tax would be diverted towards the people, which would further increase their miseries. He said that a storm of price hike is coming in the country, with the imposition of Rs 400 billion taxes on the public, which would further increase their miseries. He proposed that the government has to make the country an industrial state, because the agriculture which is the backbone of the country's economy, has been broken down as "we are importing basic commodities today." He appreciated the decision of dropping Kalabagh Dam project and called for withdrawal of Rs. 1,50 billion from Greater Thal Canal. He said the government should review interest rate on loans to be given under House Building Finance and sales tax on Ghee. Shireen Rehman of PML-N said that today those people are sitting in the Opposition who followed their big boss (Pervez Musahrraf) and were responsible for Karachi carnage of 12th May and killing of other innocent people.