The country is facing numerous problems from security related issues to the economic woes faced by the common man. In these dire times, strong leadership is the only effective means for combating these problems. Musharraf has rightly stated that leadership is required to solve the problems faced by the country. Stability and economic growth will play a key role in this respect. The government, at all tiers, has to work hand in hand in ensuring progress and development. Poverty alleviation, employment generation and enhancing the quality of human resources through health, education and skills development should be our main focus. One of the reasons the country is facing these problems is because of lack of leadership as most politicians are unable to resolve even the differences between themselves. These differences should be set aside and they all must work for keeping the state together and build its institutions. Reconciliation is the order of the day. -DINA JAFFAR, Lahore Cantt., via e-mail, June 6.