US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said North Korea will soon produce its long-overdue declaration of its nuclear programs and activities. Rice defended Bush administration policy on the North Korea nuclear issue in an address to the Heritage Foundation, a conservative Washington research organization. Condoleezza Rice speaking at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, 18 June 2008. She did not cite reasons for her optimism, but said she expects the declaration to be handed over to the Chinese sponsors of the six-party talks soon, and that the United States will respond by moving to take North Korea off its list of state sponsors of terrorism and dropping related sanctions. Pyongyang was to have issued the declaration at the end of last year, revealing all its nuclear programs, holdings and activities including any involvement in nuclear proliferation. U.S. conservatives, skeptical about dealing with North Korea's communist government, have been prominent critics of the six-party process. In her speech to the Heritage Foundation, Rice stressed that the United States has given North Korea no significant benefits thus far beyond shipments of heavy fuel oil, and that bad faith by Pyongyang at any point in the process would scuttle the deal.