DEPUTY Chairman of the Senate Mir Jan Jamali's remark on the floor of the house on Tuesday that Balochistan did not have enough resources even to present the 2008-2009 budget, perhaps prompted Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to come out with a grant of Rs 3 billion from the federal government in order to ease the situation. But that gesture would hardly serve the purpose of either preparing the budget or redressing the long-standing grievances of the people of the province. While the federal government seems to be quite sincere in eliminating the sense of deprivation prevailing in the province, it would do well to ponder as to why every Baloch leader criticises the centre for its exploitation. The reason why Senator Sana-Ullah Baloch resigned from the house is well known. Though, the speech of Senator Jamali had something of an emotive tone to it, it should nevertheless be taken as a wake-up call. It was in utter frustration that he referred to the threat of country's disintegration saying that if proper measures were not taken, a time might come when Pakistanis would need a visa for Balochistan. While the PM has formed a committee to look into the gas related issues like settling the royalty, etc, the matter needs to be taken up in its entirety. It is unfortunate that the committees formed in 2005 yielded nothing fruitful. Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed earlier pointed to the hawks in the military establishment who succeeded in scuttling their findings. There is dire need to ensure that such stumbling blocks are removed. And for that, the government would have to avoid moving at a snail's pace. Those at the helm would have to understand that the crisis of federalism looms large. Military operation for the past many years have only poured oil on the province's troubled waters. That said, mere apologies would not do. There is indeed a lot that needs to be done; otherwise voices like those of Mir Jamali would keep on ringing.