It is in the supreme interest of the country that democracy should be allowed to flourish in Pakistan without interference from the army. Considerable damage has already been caused to the country due to recurrent martial laws and years of doctorial rule. It is indeed unfortunate that there are these so-called politicians like Pir Pagara and Sheikh Rashid who are openly saying that a martial law can be imposed. These people have no sense that a mature political culture takes time to stabilize. Army is playing its professional role and, by the grace of Allah, we have a very disciplined and professional army. To induce the army chief to proclaim martial law is an act of treason. The nation should seek accountability of such individuals and ban them for life from taking part in politics. It has happened in Turkey several times. Such individuals are touts of someone who is pulling their strings from behind. The restoration of superior judges, who were removed from the duty on the inauspicious day 3rd November when a second martial law was imposed in the country, is a step is of vital importance to give a message that neither the army nor the judges would be an instrument in derailing democracy. No judge in future will justify the imposition of a martial law nor will any general take such an unconstitutional step. -YASIR ALI, Attock, via e-mail, June 11.