ISLAMABAD Although Pakistan did not receive any payment relating to the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) for the past three months, the Bush Administration has released the pending $500 million payment to Pakistan, US Embassy confirmed to The Nation on Wednesday. "I cannot confirm when would it reach, but it's coming", US Embassy spokeswoman Ms Colton said, adding that the amount of instalment had been deposited in Pakistan's account in the New York Bank. The US government, sources said, had stopped reimbursement of payments for the past three months on the pretext of auditing all the payments it had made to Pakistan. However, the US government has yet to release the payment relating to $3 billion five-year programme that includes 50 per cent for economic assistance and 50 per cent for the military assistance. The new elected government of Pakistan headed by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had sought more economic assistance from the US and European Union to enable the government to continue effectively its role in the counter terrorism. Pakistan that had enormously suffered in terms of men and material since it joined the US-led war on terror and later as non-Nato ally, has been resisting the US and Nato attempts seeking direct actions against militants on its territory and had always been open to counter  such elements on its own. The new coalition government had redefined its policy for counter terrorism, which largely hinges on political and economic measures, and to tackle the problem with force as last option. The new government has decided not to talk to those elements that do not submit to the writ of the government, but continues negotiations with tribesmen for peace deals, even though the US has not only been critical but unhappy over these talks seeking peace deals with the militants. The US government had also agreed to give $400 million to train and equip Pakistan's Frontier Corps to effectively tackle insurgency in FATA.